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Manufacturing and improving live traps for Twenty Years

Welcome to Pied Piper Animal Traps located in Weatherford, Texas.

Pied Piper Animal Traps

Here at Pied Piper Animal Traps we are dedicated to catching animals the harmless way, which is the only way. We provide state of the art animal trapping services that ensures safety and reliability, keeping whatever you are looking to trap unharmed. Getting rid of unwanted pests and animals doesn't have to cause them harm; Pied Piper Animal Traps will let you relocate them instead of terminating them. We are located in Fort Worth TX.

Are you in need of urban wildlife control and don't know the way to go about it? Here at Pied Piper Animal Traps we specialize in designing and manufacturing trapping devices that are user friendly and effective. We have traps in many different sizes to meet the demands of the animal that needs to be captured. From small rodents to larger animals, we have the perfect cage to apprehend any unwanted guests so you can relocate them to a more welcoming place.

Our trapping devices are not only for unwanted prey but also for hunting and fishing purposes. Instead of hooking fish and having to deal with finding the right lures and fishing equipment, our traps will help catch many fish without all of the hassle. Our traps will eliminate having to remove hooks from the fish's mouth making less mess and letting you prepare the fish in a more sanitary environment. Animal control can be a difficult task, so trust that our trapping devices are a guarantee.

Animal control in Texas can have its challenges. With having a wide variety of pests, rodents and other animals we have our hands full. With the ever growing demand of harm free cages and traps that are designed for specific animals, we have something for almost everything. If you have a problem pest and need the right equipment that will make your problems a thing of the past, we have exactly what you're looking for.

Thank you for visiting our website. Please take a few moments and browse through our catalog of cages and traps that provide the best in animal control services. We look forward to helping you catch the prey or pests that are in unwanted areas. If you are looking for urban wildlife control, contact us today. We are located in Fort Worth Texas.