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Live Traps

Animals and rodents can be an expensive and unhealthy problem to your home or business. The common misconception is to set a trap, kill the animal, and discard it. This is not a recommended practice for several reasons. If a lethal trap is set out and is effective, the dead animal can spread disease, an extremely unpleasant odor is left, and the decaying carcass can attract other vermin or insects. The traps can often be difficult to engage and can cause self-harm as well. Humane traps or live traps capture the rodent or animal alive, and can easily be removed, then released in an appropriate environment.

Our live animal traps are all constructed with galvanized wire and are designed to capture the animal harmlessly. This is particularly effective when there is a specific animal or rodent in question that is causing problems. Having it trapped alive, is proof that the proper animal or rodent was captured, and gives our clients peace of mind that the job was done correctly the first time.

Pied Piper Animal Traps, is a Fort Worth based business that specializes in the humane trapping and removal of small rodents, squirrels and larger varmints such as muskrats and raccoons. These animals can cause property damage spread disease and be an overall nuisance. It is imperative to have these pesky critters removed from unsafe environments so they donít cause any damage or harm to you, your property or themselves. Always use caution when attempting to remove vermin on your own as they can be quite dangerous and difficult to handle sometimes.

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Live Animal Trap with Live Box 24" x 24" x 60"

Live Animal Trap with Live Box 24" x 24" x 60"

Size: 24" x 24" x 60" Animal: Mountain Lion, Cougar, Fox, Bobcat Construction: 3/8" Steel Rod Frame covered with 1" x 2" 14 Gauge Galvanized Wire...
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