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Pied Piper Animal Traps

These videos were sent to us from the City of Arlington in Texas. They captured these bobcats in a Model 403/404 trap.
If unable to see the videos please click here to download Quicktime for free. Below are some still images of the bobcats.

"Just used your new trap we purchased and caught this big boy. This one was 43 lbs and was doing a lot of damage, we appreciate your traps quality."
Ray, City of Arlington
This young man is from our local area. He is 10 years old and with the help of his father, caught his first raccoon this winter.
"I had a trap that I borrowed from the County and it worked okay. One raccoon a week or so. Then the county wanted it back so I bought the Pied Piper Trap. Now not only do I find it better in design, but just look at how it works. On the first night I used it, not only did I catch THREE raccoons, but two more were trying to get IN the trap after it had sprung, just like the Pied Piper story. And to top if off the next night I did not use any bait and still caught a raccoon! Your trap is the best."
- R. McLaughlin from CA

These pictures were sent to our company from R. Rentschler who works for the city of Arlington, TX. They used our 402 trap to capture beavers.

These photos were taken at our facility. The employee was demonstrating the new design of the snake tongs. These tongs are available for purchase by calling our office. The snake in the picture is real and was found in one of our warehouses.

Her 100th Coon
"To Whom It May Concern,
Do you give a blue ribbon for the most critters caught with your traps?
I bought one of your traps... a few years ago. Your traps are the best.

D. Winds

Coons 215
Opossums 78
Skunks 23
Cats 32
Fox 2"
After receiving this letter, our company promptly sent Ms. Winds a new trap to replace her's, free of charge.
And received the following in return:

"Thank you, thank you for the beautiful trap. You are very generous, for the trap is greatly needed. The old trap is showing signs of old age and needs to retire.

"Enclosed is a picture of (a) bear our customer caught in one of your traps. Thanks for taking my order today."

S. Bell